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Volume I/26A is presenting newly published neutron resonance parameters for nuclei ranging from Hydrogen (Z=1) to Californium (Z=98) supplementing data published in previous Landolt-Boernstein volumes. The quality and precision of the data have been improved considerably. The data were compiled by two eminent experts in the field who undertook great efforts to compare data from different laboratories to present best values . Accurate neutron resonance parameters embody an important contribution to improve nuclear data for a variety of applications such as the design and safe operation of nuclear reactors, the development of advanced energy production technologies, transmutation of nuclear waste, and nuclear astrophysics. Additionally, one chapter is dedicated to the characterization of materials and objects by neutron resonance spectroscopy. Transmission and capture analysis using time-of-flight measurements are described in detail. Applications ranging from archeology, astrophysics, investigation of nuclear material, thermometry or resonance imaging for the study of molten nuclear fuel are presented. Another chapter presents empirical evidence for regularities in the systematics of level spacing. In view of the large amount of data the parameters for only the most important resonances are given in the printed version, whereas the data for all resonances are available online on Neutron resonance parameters of many nuclei were previously published by Landolt-Boernstein in Volumes I/16B, I/16C, and I/24. EAN:9783662456026

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