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Volume III/34 summarizes our current knowledge of semiconductor quantum structures. Subvolumes 34A and 34B cover growth structuring and doping, and electronic transport, respectively. Subvolume 34C deals with the optical properties. Subvolume 34C1 offers the theoretical and experimental basis as well as data on III-V, I-VII and IV-VI semiconductors. The present subvolume 34C2 covers the data on II-VI compounds, i.e. the compounds of Zn, Cd, and Hg with O, S, Se, and Te and their alloys. Special subsections are devoted to diluted or semimagnetic semiconductors. For every material the optical properties are listed first for the regime of linear optics, followed by data on the influence of internal or external fields like strain, electric or magnetic fields, and then by data on nonlinear optics. A third subvolume 34C3 will deal with the elemental semiconductors of the group IV. EAN:9783540443391

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