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Work out with the MAX Trainer principle: Bowflex treadmill BXT226 The MAX training is characterised by intensive, but shorter training sessions. You can do your training according to this principle with the treadmill BXT226. The respective programmes are directly to be used via the hot keys on the console. You can directly start your training and set adjustments via the quickly reachable buttons. Define your training targets with FatBurn, CalBurn, and CalGoal and the treadmill supports you with respective incentives and settings to keep motivated at any time. \\\\n\\\\n Elegant, black design with attractive red touches of colour The combination of a black base coat with red touches of colour virtually invites to work out and motivates to achieve top performances thanks to its design. Thanks to its folding running deck, the Bowflex treadmill BXT226 can be space-efficiently stored when you do not work out. Thanks to four transport wheels, it is quite easy and quick to move. Lower safely and slowly the running surface by means of the Safety Soft Drop system. The locking mechanism is easily released by pushing a button on the running surface. \\\\n\\\\n The running surface is separated from the motor and is hence less prone to dust and dirt. Thanks to this design, the lifespan of the machine rises distinctively and it is very maintenance-low.\\\\n\\\\n Besides the smart design and the well-thought out, technical solutions, the treadmill can be interactively used thanks to the Bluetooth connection. Thanks to this interface, your training data can be transmitted to the smartphone or the tablet. Besides the Bowflex App, you can also transmit your training data to Apps like MyFitnessPal, GoogleFit, and RunSocial and analyse easily your training results with the smartphone. > Very sturdy treadmill with a maximum user weight of 170 kg > Nine training programmes – each of them can be chosen via the hot keys > Three shock absorption zones > Soft-Drop folding system > Connection with MyFitnessPal, GoogleFit & RunSocial is possible EAN:708447910141

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