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The Taurus Lateral Raise IT95 trains a big part of the shoulder muscles. Due to the innovative course of movement, the lateral shoulder muscles, which need a special training, as they are hard to train, are optimally demanded and focussed on. The arms are placed under the upholstery for the correct starting position and they are pushed upwards while performing the exercise. This generates the required training incentive in the lateral shoulder muscles. The Taurus Lateral Raise IT95 can be adjusted to the height of the user via the height adjustment of the seat. The trained muscles and the performance of exercise are shown on a graphic on the multi-gym. \\\\n The mounted weight block allows a simple resistance adjustment by means of a pin. The maximum training resistance is 90 kg. There is a practical holder for your drinking bottle on the casing of the weight block. Last but not least, the Taurus Lateral Raise IT95 convinces by its very good price-performance ratio! > Professional Lateral Raise module for fitness gyms and commercial fitness institutions! > Including a 90 kg weight block > Resistance is adjustable with a pin > Sweat-repellent and comfortable upholsteries > Allows an effective training of the lateral shoulder muscles > Including cup holder EAN:4251294109641

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