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The Taurus Abdominal IT95 machine concentrates exclusively on the training of the abdominal muscles. Either for beginners or advanced users, the abdominal machine offers an effective abdominal training for everyone. The hip flexor is excluded from the training. The abdominal muscle training strengthens the trunk stability, because the Taurus Abdominal IT95 does not only offer to train the straight but also the lateral abdominal muscles. The maximum training resistance is 90 kg.\\\\n Last but not least, the Taurus Abdominal IT95 convinces by its very good price-performance ratio! > Professional abs machine for gyms and fitness institutions! > Including a 90 kg weight block > Resistance can be adjusted with a pin > Sweat resistant and comfortable upholsteries > Isolated biceps training > Trains the whole abdominal muscles EAN:4251294109566

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