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Using the Taurus Seated Leg Curl IT95 , any gym guest benefits from an intensive training of the leg muscles. Doing exercises with the leg curl, the thigh and gluteal muscles are specifically trained. The comfortable and sweat-resistant seat and back upholsteries are ergonomically shaped and allow a comfortable training at the gym.\\\\n The frame of the Taurus Seated Leg Curl IT95 is made of powder-coated steel and is extremely stable even for a training with heavier weights. In order to do an evenly well training no matter what’s the user’s height, there are different adjusting possibilities of the sitting position. It is easily and quickly changed by the yellow-marked levers. \\\\n The provided weight block is equipped with 105 kg and the resistance can be varied by means of a ping. In addition, there is a cup holder on the weight block. \\\\n Last but not least, the Taurus Seated Leg Curl IT95 convinces by its very good price-performance ratio! > Professional leg curl for gyms and fitness institutions! > Including a 105 kg weight block > Resistance can be adjusted with a pin > Sweat resistant and comfortable upholsteries > Isolated leg training > Specified training of the gluteal muscles EAN:4251294109528

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