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Complete chest training The Taurus Pectoral IT95 is the ideal pectoral machine to allow a holistic, complete chest training for every gym gueast. The performing of the exercises is similar to the classic training with a butterfly machine. However, the Pectoral focusses more on the isolation of the chest muscles. Due to the comfortable arm upholsteries, you can only work with the power coming from the chest. This effect avoids a wrong performing of the exercise and increases the effectivity during the training. \\\\n The attached weight block allows an easy resistance adjustment by measn of a pin. The maximum training resistance is 90 kg. \\\\n Last but not least, the Taurus Pectoral IT95 convinces by its very good price-performance ratio! > Professional pectoral machine for gyms and fitness institutions! > Including 90 kg weight block > Resistance is adjustable with a pin > Sweat resistant and comfortable upholsteries > Isolated chest training > Trains the whole chest muscles EAN:4251294109504

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