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Developed for fitness gyms and commercial sport institutions The Sterling Range of Taurus is especially designed for the use at fitness gyms and other commercial fitness institutions. The resistance adjustment by holding weight plates allows an extremely individual training and is hence suitable for any fitness level. The powder-coated steel construction of the machines promises a high durability and maximum stability. \\\\n The Taurus Sterling line is developed to meet the requirements of as many different users as possible. The individual sitting height can be easily adjusted to any height and the seat and back upholsteries offer a maximum comfort during the training. Professional leg training The Taurus Loading Leg Press Sterling offers persons of different fitness levels the possibility to do their leg training at a very high level. The legs have the biggest part of muscles in the human body. An effective leg training on a leg press is hence essential for persons working out. \\\\n The inclined sitting position allwos a complete course of movement while performing the exercise, which needs to be included completely with every professional leg press. The sitting position is infinitely and quickly variable thanks to the lever on the left. The weight plates can be easily attached on the device in the front. The powder-coated steel construction of the Loading Leg Press resists easily the training with heavier weights. \\\\n Last but not least, the Loading Leg Press convinces by its very good price-performance ratio! > Taurus Loading Leg Press Sterling – Suitable for fitness gyms and commercial institutions! > For a professional and effective leg training > Inclined sitting position allows a complete course of motion > Adjusting the resistance is possible with optionally available weight plates (50mm) > Storing further weight plates on the machine is possible > Comfortable and sweat resistant seat upholsteries > Vertical sitting position offers the best course of motion > Sturdy, powder-coated steel construction > Very good price-performance ratio! EAN:4251294109368

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